The Ensemble Of Irregular Theatre is an independent group of theatre professionals and contemporary theatre enthusiasts , formed by people who share the same humanistic thoughts and worldviews. It was formed after a generation and programme transformation of the Kremnica Theatre Underground (2012 – 2017).  Its main activities concern searching for new forms of modern cabaret, street and socially engaged productions. In 2016, the ensemble founded the AMPLIFIER FESTIVAL – New Cabaret & Street Art in Banská Štiavnica.


The AND is formed by two seasoned theatre professionals from the former Kremnica Theatre Underground (author and dramaturgist Ján Fakla) and the Exdivadlo 9 from Zvolen (scene designer Dušan Krnáč), an experienced civic activist and political representative in Banská Bystrica (Milan Lichý), a young professional director and dramaturgist from Humenné/Bratislava (Jana Mikitková), a young illustrator and graphic designer from Horná Ves (Tomáš Cíger – Eniac). The new members of AND are young people from Banská Štiavnica living in Prague, student of history of Charles University (Ema Rajčanová) and financial analyst (Marek Boháč).



PHOTO © Andrej Brummer, Katarína Baranyai, Ivan Čillík, Kornélia Faklová, Ján Chmelík, Ľubomír Lužina, Jaroslav Novák, Ján Petrík, Vladimír Slaninka, Michal Svítok, Miroslav Zaťko

VIDEO © Peter Kováč, Lukáš Matejka, Juraj Ondráš, Vladimír Slaninka