PARTNER 1 (Poland)

The KTO Theatre (*1977) is one of the most respected professional Polish theatres with a long tradition of street performances and open-air theatre. The group has visited over 250 cities in over 40 countries on 5 continents. The KTO Theatre has been involved in numerous international projects and is also the organizer of the international ULICA Festival in Krakow (36 years). The theater operates under the leadership of the renowned director Jerzy Zoń. Partner’s role: script & direction supervision, performing.

PARTNER 2 (Czech republic)

Creative members of PROSTORES group from Prague, representing the middle generation of Czech artists and musicians, are teamed around the cabaret theatre KRVIK TOTR (*1991). The group’s two founding members Petr Novotný and Tomáš Kout who specialize in playwriting will participate in the project. Their main role will be to write an original script based on the use of authentic materials collected via field research in the identified V4 locations in which the local citizens and refugees from UA co-exist.

PARTNER 3 (Hungary)

The FIREBIRDS new circus group formed in Budapest in 2000. Embodied by a wide range of artists its repertoire consists of street performances, cabaret, contemporary circus and children theatre. The goal will be to reach the spectators in all V4 countries through a non-verbal circus and movement art and to ease the gravity of serious topics by using sensitive humour and story visualization. Their connection with a Ukrainian community will be essential for the main objective of the project: breaking down barriers between the V4 citizens and UA refugees. Partner’s role: creative, performing.

PARTNER 4 (Ukraine)

WE: MEDIA THEATER (2018) is an independent Ukrainian artistic ensemble working in the field of multimedia theatre. It was founded in Lviv and its leader is a young activist, director, screenwriter and playwright Sashko Brama, self-named Oleksandr Palianychka, who experiments in the border between post-documentary theatre and documentary film. Brama’s productions have been presented at festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Slovakia. Currently, the events of the all-out Russian war in Ukraine are the main theme. Partner’s role: artistic video reportage of the research.